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Welcome to CancerChatNZ

This forum is for people who want to ‘talk’ about their experiences of cancer.

Who can use it?
CancerChatNZ can be used by anyone who has internet access who has a question or information to share anonymously with other CancerChatNZ users. First you must request registration. Due to spamming, registrations will now be done via email requests only to the above link. Please detail in your email your full name and your preferred email address. Once we have registered you, you will receive an email with your user name and password. All posted messages are viewed by our moderators to ensure that CancerChatNZ is provided as a supportive communication forum.
What is ‘CancerChatNZ’?
The Cancer Society of New Zealand, Wellington Division’s forum, facilitating information sharing and support between people touched by cancer.
Do posted messages represent the views of the Cancer Society of New Zealand?
No, we merely offer a forum to facilitate information sharing and support.

Information Helpline 0800 CANCER (226 237)

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Art Therapy as a Complementary Therapy for Cancer

I have a lot of experience of art therapy being beneficial for child and adult clients who are experiencing grief, loss and change, including cancer patients. Art therapy, either one-on-one or in a group involves the art therapist building a therapeutic relationship...

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MINDFULNESS Mindfulness isn’t just a way to a pleasant, peaceful way of life. Many people use it as a tool to manage their own anxiety, stress and depression. Mindfulness is about observing the self and others, non-judgmentally and in the moment. With all new skills,...

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Cancer Diets: What you need to know

Look out for the latest issue (April 2017) of NZ Healthy Food Guide It features a great article by Anna Small, dietitian and Cancer Society health promoter. Anna explores some of the common myths surrounding food and cancer, tips for managing treatment side effects,...

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