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Welcome to CancerChatNZ

This forum is for people who want to ‘talk’ about their experiences of cancer.

Who can use it?
CancerChatNZ can be used by anyone who has internet access who has a question or information to share anonymously with other CancerChatNZ users. First you must request registration. Due to spamming, registrations will now be done via email requests only to the above link. Please detail in your email your full name and your preferred email address. Once we have registered you, you will receive an email with your user name and password. All posted messages are viewed by our moderators to ensure that CancerChatNZ is provided as a supportive communication forum.
What is ‘CancerChatNZ’?
The Cancer Society of New Zealand, Wellington Division’s forum, facilitating information sharing and support between people touched by cancer.
Do posted messages represent the views of the Cancer Society of New Zealand?
No, we merely offer a forum to facilitate information sharing and support.

Information Helpline 0800 CANCER (226 237)

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Mindfulness is a gentle practice of observation and awareness of the self and others, non-judgmentally and in the moment. The origins of mindfulness are thought to be from Asian traditions where it has been taught for over 2,500 years. In recent years it has become a...

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Difficulty getting to sleep and sleep problems are common for cancer patients and many support services offer advice on management. This often includes exercise, a relaxing evening routine, avoiding caffeine later in the day and stopping screen use in the evening....

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