Exercise is the immune booster we all need right now.

When we talk about immune boosters, good nutrition usually comes to mind, but it is not the only health habit to think about. Exercise is a very powerful tool – it is the new prescription for keeping well.

Moderate exercise, like a brisk walk (remembering to stay in your neighbourhood, keeping 2 metres distance from others not in your bubble), or moving your body in any way possible for you.


Put on some music and dance like no one is watching you. Stretch each time you get off chair or couch. Make good use of any exercise machines you have at home. Treadmill sitting in your garage, yoga mats, exercise bands, hand weights? This is a great time to brush the cobwebs off and use them.


Walk in the house, use the steps more, garden, do daily chores that need movement.

With technology available to us, you can try some yoga (https://www.youtube.com/user/yogawithadriene, (Adrienne has a fantastic range of FREE yoga sessions.) healthy steps and other classes you may attend. There are options to do exercises in chairs if your mobility is unstable.

We have been lucky to have NZ yoga teacher Naomi record a yoga class for us on Zoom: https://zoom.us/rec/play/65IqdL-urmk3TtaSsQSDC_VxW464evqshicd_acEy0u0BncEZ1qvYbEUM-Q5DbUdPnxQr-SCn0YQGTFy?continueMode=true&_x_zm_rtaid=nYAGbD7mTGioRnyNhTFAfQ.1585707054327.1db1c1f964f56cac79ff746b2a548b8d&_x_zm_rhtaid=437

For more information about Naomi’s work go to https://wellnessmovement.nz/crew/naomi-dakin

Keeping active also improves mental wellbeing, improves your immune system and helps one sleep better.

Developing a regular practice is the key to improving your immune system and mental wellbeing. Establish a routine that works for you and family. Get outside if you can. Be realistic and kind to yourself. Some days it may be difficult to fit exercise into your schedule, don’t feel bad if it is not achievable every day.


Your immune system will thank you for a regular exercise routine.

Naena Chhima, Cancer Information Nurse


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