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    I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in March. Last year in August I started getting severe stomach cramps which wwould last hours then I’d get explosive diarrhea. After first attack I put it down to stomach getting upset by something I ate. Second attach was probably four weeks later. At this stage I started thinking maybe IBS. Next attack I was at work and ended up going to A & E on way home. Doctor suggested IBS and suggested I go see my GP for referral to gastro clinic. GP did bloods and ultrasound to rule out gallstones. Didn’t hear anymore from him. Then in December I had another attack and GP put in referral to gastro clinic, this was turned down and referred back to GP who must have sent it back as I got appointment for March. He also put me on iron tablets as levels were very low. I had no more attacks for nearly three months while taking iron tablets so figured that was problem. Then beginning of March cramps started again but it was much worse and I ended up in A & E again. Once on Tuesday and again on Thursday, hadn’t had a bowel motion since Tuesday. Both times they settled pain for me and sent me home. Then on the Friday I vomited up a really foul vomit which GP decided from my description had blood in it so sent me back to A & E. This time I was admitted to hospital where they did a
    CT scan and said I had an I inflamed bowel. Spent two weeks in hospital then went home. Four days later I was readmitted with pancreatitis. After checking again for gallstones doctors decided to review my CT scan. They came back to me with news that it looked like tumor. Week later I had a colonoscopy which confirmed tumor. Two days later I was in surgery and had right side bowel removed along with 39 lymph nodes of which 17 were infected. Tomorrow I see oncologist for first time since surgery. I have had CT scan of chest since surgery and will get results of that tomorrow. I know I’m most likely going to have chemo. Anyone else had this many lymph nodes involved. What happened next.


    Hello Coolnzmum,thank you for your post to CancerChat. It sounds like you have had a difficult and eventful time getting to where you are now. It is very hard when you get diagnosed after so many visits and episodes of pain with medical people going down so many different tacks.
    I hope your oncology appointment went okay and you felt you got good information and care.
    Hopefully some people who have had chemo for bowel cancer or affected lymph nodes will get back to you on this site.
    You are welcome to call and speak to us on the Cancer Information Helpline 0800 226237 if you wish, or ask further questions here. I have given chemo to many bowel cancer patients and happy to answer questions and discuss what may happen with you.
    We also have many support services for patients and their family members.

    Kind regards,


    Hello Coolnzmum.
    I was also diagnosed in March this year with colorectal cancer.
    I’ve just ended 4 out of 5 weeks radiotherapy with daily oral chemo. I’m experiencing some side effects. Mainly radiodermatitis of perineum.
    Plan for me is another mri 4 weeks after completion treatment to ensure tumor is shrinking. This I truly hope is happening. Then 6-8 weeks after mri I will have surgery, an AP Resection. As far as current tests show, no liver or lung involvement. Just adjacent lymph nodes affected.
    I’m scared and worried often, wondering if treatment is working. I find all staff very helpful, all questions answered, I find them all very caring. I wish you best of luck with your follow up visit, your ct results and your upcoming treatment.
    Kind Regards


    Yep I have had bowel cancer as well back in 2008 for me. Had chemo treatment for once a week, which lasted for about 3 or 4 hours. Had this for 6 weeks running. Bowels still give me issues but its nothing like it used to be. Had to have many pit stops on journey to the hospitable. Probably took a good 5 or 6 years for my bowels to settle down a bit but the “explosive diarrhea” still happen now and then.

    You seem to have been given the run around a bit with your problems I hope things will improve for you.

    All the best to you


    Hi, I have just recently had a colon resection surgery (tumor) removed 3 weeks ago which my Dr is 99.9% happy with but advises me i have a couple of unusual shadows outside of my bowel lining and a few spots on my liver which I am awaiting decision whether to Chemo or not (zap any small traces of cancer if any) my Dr remarked. I am recovering fairly quickly and am yet to return to work which involves heavy transferring as i am a care assistant for the aged. I am thankful i can come on here and read supporting posts it allows me to see i am not alone, that many travel this journey and that comfort is only a post away.
    Coolnzmum and Arilie I hope all has gone best it can for you both and you are both so courageous. beenthere2 10 yrs going, so happy for you thanks for the ‘Hope’. 🙂

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