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    Due to Covid its been extremely hard to find a good doctor to see me. Over March I felt a lump in my neck on the left side that felt like a swollen lymph node (I use to have lymphoma 8 years ago). As time went on we went into lockdown and I started developing new symptoms like an on going headache that would not go away, more swollen glands, neck swelling, temperatures regularly, and night sweats. I managed through these symptoms and ruled out Covid and then when we went into level 3 I had an on the phone call with my gp, who wanted to give me a physical exam and take bloods. bloods came back normal and was referred to haematology. By the time I was scheduled for the appointment at Middlemore I had developed a really sore left shoulder along with all my other symptoms and the night sweats were happening more often and was feeling super tired. they took more blood and have booked an ultrasound on my neck next Thursday. HOWEVER, now I’m starting to feel this sharp pain in what feels to be my left lung, really really painful. because its been such a long time throughout this Covid business im unsure what to do and if its even that serious. I feel ‘fine’ but I just have really random symptoms and naturally I’ve self diagnosed myself. What would you do in my situation?


    Hello bandm123,
    Sorry you’ve had so much trouble getting to see a doctor- lockdown certainly added extra levels of complexity to getting medical assistance. Once you have had a diagnosis like lymphoma, any new symptoms naturally spark off a worry about whether the disease has returned. I’m glad you have been assessed and it is reassuring that your bloods have come back normal. You are still having a lot of odd symptoms though, and a sharp pain in the lung is something I would suggest going back to your gp about, or contacting your haematologist or haematology nurse about. It may be unrelated to any of the other things- there are many causes for such a pain including an infection. You do need a medical person to check this out, and your gp might be a good place to start.
    Kind regards,

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