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    My Dad’s been recently diagnosed with “advanced bladder cancer”. He’s feeling good right now and has opted not to get any treatment (he’s 81 and chemo was the only option offered). I’m just not sure who to see to get more info – do I make an appointment with the specialist, or his GP? I wanted to ask at the hospital when I went with him but I got a bit choked up – and he doesn’t seem to want to know what’s ahead.


    Hi Venice,
    welcome to CancerChatNZ. I’m sorry to hear of your Dad’s cancer – this must be a tough time for you.
    If your Dad gives permission for you to get information on on his cancer you could make an appointment with his GP as they will have received information from the hospital and can explain the situation to you.It can be heard to see the specialist if he’s in the public system – an alternative is to ask at the hospital for the cancer nurse coordinator who you could make an appointment with. They work with people newly diagnosed with cancer and are available in most NZ hospitals. Again you would need his permission to discuss his cancer with them.I hope this helps – let us know how you get on. You can call us on the Cancer Information Helpline ph 0800 CANCER(226237)or email if you wish.
    Best wishes,
    Julie, Cancer Information Nurse


    Hello Venice,

    Just wanted to say- have a look at the nurses blog on this chat site- there is a blog about supporting someone with cancer.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Anna, Cancer Information Nurse.


    Very sad to hear about you dad.


    Hi venice

    Your father is great. he is fighting with cancer, and your support is very important for him to win this fight.

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