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    Hello all! My names Nicole and I recently lost my dad to cancer, his treatment got me interested in the side effects of chemo and radiation therapy and thus I am now studying my masters to become a speech and language therapist.

    I recently made a presentation for a project I was working on at Palmerston North Hospital and I think you could all benefit from a technique to enhance you sense of smell and taste!

    For those of you with latyngectomys it is likely that your sense of smell is no longer as good as it was before the laryngectomy as the smell sensors in your nose are no longer used when you breathe through the tracheostoma. You can improve your sense of smell with a technique called the “polite yawn”, which is yawning with your mouth closed. When you do this air enters your nose so that you might regain your sense of smell. This technique also helps you with your sense of taste when eating.

    I have even found a link for you to view the technique in action, I hope this helps!!! – https://youtu.be/2NfUi33jpcI?t=7m41s

    Kind regards and happy eating,

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