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      My mum aged 64 has been diagnosed with pancreas cancer on the tail. She went through surgery to remove it. They also removed her spleen. They took biopsy from 15 lymphnodes and 3 were positive after the surgery so it had spread to what extent we dont know. She has been offered chemotherapy..mum isnt sure about chemo. She is also 45kgs so tiny with other health issues.. they cant guarantee it will kill the cancer nor will she be strong enough to survive chemotherapy..Has anyone been in this position ie hers or had pancreas cancer etc as no one we have reached out to has? Im 36 3 kids, im her only surviving child shes my best friend. She NEEDS SOMEONE THATS BEEN IN THE SAME POSITION TO TALK TO BEFORE SHE MAKES HER MIND UP… PLEASE ANYONE.i feel helpless


        Kia Ora Ivymelisha,

        thank you and welcome to the cancer Chat forum.Sorry to hear of your mum’s diagnosis.
        It must be very hard for you as she is your best friend and her only surviving child.

        Here at the Cancer Society, we sometimes can link you up with someone who has been through a similar diagnosis and treatment.

        You are welcome to call and talk with our nurses on 0800 226237 about linking you up if we can, or about anything else you might like to discuss.

        Cancer Society offices around NZ have support staff you can talk things over with. Sometimes in situations like this counselling can be helpful to assist with decision-making, and learning coping strategies.
        You are really welcome to call the Cancer information nurses 0800 CANCER (226 237) or email us at
        Best wishes,
        Naena, Cancer Information Nurse

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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