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    Hi everyone I’m heidi I’m 41 and I’m new to this.
    I spent a lot of last year being sick. Had an ultrasound as I had pain under the belly. From the start I said I had pain under the belly but wasn’t gut wrenching pain. I was sick after eating. I was told when I first went to a doctor he said it was a bug. He felt around my stomach but I didn’t have pain that I could feel or he didn’t feel. Well I was still sick. I worked as a school cleaner and was sick on the bus, at work then I was ok. I finally had the ultrasound the results was I had “ gallstones” the specialist said I don’t think it’s gallstones due to where your pain is. The gallbladder is here and you should have pain here or here. So she booked me in to have a camera down my throat. I went to Melbourne and I was still sick. ( visiting my parents and brother and his partner) come New Years my stomach was bloated, growling, and I didn’t notice at the time that I was “ blocked” so on the 30th dec I go to the doc explain get, a depository it didn’t work. I tried kiwi crush. Etc. Nothing worked. That night I can’t take it the pain is awful. Go to the hospital get some medicine to help. Nothing worked. Back to the hospital on the Wednesday January 1st. Ended up having a tube go into my nose to my stomach. I wasn’t told I’m staying in. My daughter is home alone. At night time scared. 😞 she is 16. All we could say is lock the door, leave lights on. Ring if you have to. Next day. Thursday 2nd. I have 3 tests. Stomach X-ray, CT Scan, colonoscopy. To be told I had colon cancer 🤭😱😢😭 what??? Never crossed my mind at all. So I’ve had a tumour growing for I have no idea for how long. I still was able to go to the toilet. I guess just up until those last few days. I had surgery that afternoon or night I don’t even know. So now I’m going thru chemo. And the side effects are not nice at all. But there are worse ones than that. So far mine are pins and needles in the hands and feet. And can’t drink cold things. As your throat also feels tingly as well. But I am strong and I see little kids go thru a lot worse.
    Hope you are well and the lockdown isn’t to rough on you. Sure is boring with no shops etc open. But we can cope. 🙂


    Hi there

    My name is Jayz, I’m new with cancer as well, but I got diagnose the last week before lockdown for C19, I have breast cancer, I was working and doing tests as well, everything happened very quickly operation on the 17th Apil, I was out the next day, during then I have been at home thinking a lot with my job, my families the lot, and how am I going back to work to support my family and this C19 just mind bottling
    The pain, not being able to sleep properly, sore back, just all new but I used to this kinder stuff, seeing family and my mom lost her daughter 2years ago

    I hope u cope well and good luck to your recovery, I wanted to chat to people who’s going through the same thing, if this countries have the chatline for patients only, more comforting one another..I came across this chat forum site for the UK and I lived how they have it but I cant get in cause I’m an outsider hehe!!

    I wish you all the best and please feel free to chat when ever thank you for your story

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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