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    Good morning,

    I finished radiotherapy 5 weeks ago and am getting frustrate with the amount of fatigue I’m dealing with. I just want to get on with life now, but I’m worried about how long this might last for. I know it won’t go on forever, but I just want to be reassured it will lift. I get emotional and down about it. Have also had surgery, chemo prior to radio ad going hormone treatment (had breast cancer). What ave other experienced?



    Hi Anna,
    Welcome to Cancer ChatNZ and thank you for posting here. I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with fatigue – it is very common after cancer treatment and can continue for some time. It will be good to hear from others with tips for coping.
    Some general advice is that regular moderate intensity exercise (ie. exercise that increases your heart rate and breathing)can improve fatigue. A good balanced diet is important, as is getting enough sleep. Many people find relaxation exercises and yoga helpful overall.
    Managing what you do according to the ‘three Ps’ – Plan, Prioritise and Pace yourself, can be a good way to avoid exhaustion. Try to set realistic goals for things you can achieve rather than feeling bad about what you can’t do, may be useful too.
    You are very welcome to phone or email us – the cancer information nurses on 0800 CANCER (226237) or for more discussion or to find local support services.


    Thank you so much it’s great to have the support. Just to have a reply makes me feel so much better.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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