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    T3N0M0 extended right hemicolectomy 33 months ago. But a complete obstruction and small perforation well away from the tumour. They are meant to be risk factors as far as the 5 year survival rate is concerned apparently, but are they still risk factors after 2 years 9 months after surgery? Every test has been fine so far, I.e. CEA, CT scan and colonoscopy. But I still worry. Any thoughts?


    Hi Buxton,
    Good to hear from you – thanks very much for posting on CancerChatNZ – we’ve been thinking about how to best answer your question.
    From our reading, the factor which is the strongest guide to how well people do may do after colon cancer is the stage of the cancer i.e. whether the cancer is in the inner lining of the colon only or has spread through the colon wall, or has spread to lymph nodes or other places in the body.
    Other factors which can be important include bowel obstruction and perforation. However it is really important to talk to your doctors about exactly what these factors might mean in your case.
    Overall one of the hardest things about cancer is the ongoing uncertainty, and worry about recurrence – this is very common.
    So sorry we can’t answer your question but we suggest the best thing is for you to discuss your questions with your GP or your surgeon at your next check-up. Thanks again for posting.

    Julie, Anna and Naena, information nurses.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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