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    Hello forum people. My beautiful wife has Stage VI Breast Cancer. After multiple surgery, wonder pills, chemo, she is now in the final stages of her life.

    We are both young in mid forties and have had the best life together.

    It is heartbreaking to see her lose weight and not bounce back. I am her primary carer and feeling terrible I can’t help her anymore. We have the best treatment/care/support. Not sure what I’m asking this forum for, other that writing this note.



    Hi J,

    Thank you for posting on CancerChatNZ. I’m very sorry to read about your wife’s situation. It sounds very tough for you indeed.
    Sometimes writing how you feel can be a good way to cope with overwhelming sadness so it’s good that you’ve written here.It sounds like you are experiencing a type of grief known as anticipatory grief – this link describes this in more detail
    It can be helpful to have some counselling for coping strategies – you are welcome to call the cancer information nurses on 0800 CANCER(226237) to ask about counselling in your local area, or email us at

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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