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    Well the radical cystectomy that I was supposed to have has today been postponed due to lack of intensive care places (should anything have gone wrong) and due to the Surgeons and equipment from Stockholm not being allowed to travel out of their province due to possibility of contagion of Covid 19. I am devastated, having “psyched” myself up for the operation and being told 3 hours before admission that it isn’t going to happen.
    Instead, they have told me that they are starting BCG therapy (Immunotherapy) on me from Monday and every Monday for 6 weeks to try and contain and prevent the cancer from invading my muscle wall(or anywhere else for that matter!) or the tumour in my urethra from progressing elsewhere. They have said that they will continue until they are able to go ahead with the operation. Does anybody have any experience with what the side-effects are of BCG treatment or how I may possibly avoid the worst of these? I try to walk 3 – 4 KM a day to keep myself as fit as I can.
    Grateful for any replies.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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