As Winter draws to an end, the Cancer Society is asking everyone “who will you wear your daffodil for”? Today I am wearing it for my grandmother, Allie Earl Wicks – a strong willed and gracious Texan. Texans like to be where the tea is sweet, words are long, the days are warm and faith is strong. My grandmother did embody this sweetness, grace and charm. Her story of climbing mountains, and navigating valleys, made her journey epic.

Other days I wear the daffodil for my friends, for the man I met at the hospital, or the woman I met at Margaret Stewart House accommodation. Sometimes I wear it for myself, and for hope.

A wonderful woman, Brene’ Brown, once said “you share with the people who earn the right to hear your story”. Whether you wish to share your story or your dreams, sharing stories is a powerful way to heal, value and connect with others. The team at the Cancer Society Wellington enjoy stories. We find inspiration in people’s stories shared with us through different avenues – video, writing or spoken words. This week I encourage you to share a story with us or someone you trust. Maybe the daffodil can inspire you to share a tale of emerging into the promise of Spring.

Thank you!

Inga, Cancer Society Wellington


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