Ahana Kumbhat, Health Promotion Advisor, Cancer Society Wellington

Tobacco was introduced in Aotearoa in late 1700s and its consumption peaked in 1950s leading to increased incidences of lung cancer.  It has been 70 years since tobacco was first identified as the leading cause of lung cancer and it continues to claim 13 lives a day in New Zealand. The good news is we have come a long way!

Smoking tobacco, the coolest trend 50 years ago, is now a deadly product in the eyes of most New Zealanders. Generation after generation, tobacco consumption has been normalised, but we are changing the trends for the safety of our future New Zealanders.

A bill banning smoking in cars with children below 18 years of age has been passed this week, a reason to celebrate the progress we have made in the fight against tobacco and nicotine addiction. But we need to continue this fight, to save our young people and give them better options to choose from. For more information see: https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/political/417616/bill-banning-smoking-in-cars-with-children-inside-passes

This World Smokefree Day, the Cancer Society asks, Why are cigarettes still widely available as daily grocery items like bread and milk? A deadly product that claims lives of two thirds of its users and impairs the quality of life for the rest can still be sold without any restrictions throughout the country. Let us know what you think by voting on our Facebook poll https://www.facebook.com/cancersocietyNZ/

You can check out some key facts on tobacco here: https://www.smokefreeshops.org.nz/tobacco-statistics

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